About Cestrian Inner Circle.

Inner Circle is the premium investment research service from SEC-regulated Cestrian Capital Research, Inc.

Inner Circle is designed specifically for experienced investors, including:

  • Professional portfolio managers and analysts.
  • Family offices.
  • Independent individual investors.

The service comprises three core elements:

  • Real time access to senior Cestrian staff including three live webinars per week.
  • Market-neutral research providing investment ideas for bull and bear markets alike.   We cover growth, value, commodities and indices and we work in multiple timeframes simultaneously.
  • Daily market report delivered before the open on every trading day.

We don't provide a model portfolio, don't presume to tell you what to do with the money you manage, and don't expect you to blindly follow our own staff personal investing and trading.

We do provide a high integrity service that you can use to improve your own investing and trading results.  

For investment professionals, Inner Circle is how your peer relationships could be if they didn't involve competition for a finite pool of compensation or the good corner office.  And it's where you can send your new joiners to learn the ropes before they are let loose with actual money.

For independent investors, Inner Circle offers a community of other serious-minded folks where you can discuss ideas and exchange views quietly, calmly, without pressure to act or to not act.  

Join us.  


  • For institutions, funds and registered investment advisors we offer monthly ($999/mo) and discounted annual ($7999/yr) subscriptions.  
  • For independent investors we offer monthly subscriptions at $499/mo and a discounted annual subscription of $3999/yr.