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Why Join The Cestrian Inner Circle

In a nutshell, because we offer a truly independent investment research service with no predilections about market direction, no religious affiliations to 'great companies' or 'killer stocks', little respect for traditional methods of securities analysis or portfolio construction, which exists primarily in service of the asset manager rather than the asset owner.

Our work is prepared with institution-level sophistication and consideration, combining multiple methods to reach short- and long-term opinions about the securities we cover.  We include the underlying assumptions and logic that underpins our conclusions and we actively seek contrary views that challenge our conclusions.  This is how we improve the service continuously.

Our investment research takes account of, inter alia:

  • Cryptocurrency movements as an advance-guard indicator of changes in market risk appetite;
  • Options market flows as a determinant of key reversal points for major market indices;
  • Fundamental financial analysis as a way to assess the underlying reality of any single-stock name we cover, and;
  • Technical analysis to judge price movements, considering multiple timeframes on a simultaneous basis.

The Inner Circle service is our premium offering.  Our intended audience is professional investors managing their own or third party money.  

You can join the Inner Circle by clicking here.

About Cestrian Capital Research, Inc

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc is an SEC-regulated California C Corporation based in Newport Beach, CA.  The company is set up as a Registered Investment Advisor, though we manage no investments and we provide no advice.  In the modern idiom we run as an entirely decentralized operation with work carried out online from all over the world.  Our sole activity is investment research; we provide no capital-raising, M&A or other corporate finance services.  Unlike the typical pureplay investment research business, we are a high growth, profitable, cash generative company.

Founder and principal Alex King leads the Inner Circle service personally.  

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - October 2022.